2020 Graduation Procession



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Registration Instructions:

-You will need to make an account to register. Please ensure proper spelling of the graduate’s name as this will be used for their Commemorative Certificate
-On the calendar above click onto the day highlighted in green.
-Confirm the “Profile” is selected as the graduate. *note a profile picture is not required
-Select your preferred time from the drop-down menu. (times shown are the only available time)
-If you do not see any times available try to re-select the day on the above calendar.
-If this event becomes over 90% sold out we will open another day alternative day.
-Click the orange button under our terms and conditions- read carefully and check “I agree to these terms”
-Click the blue “add to cart” button and proceed to check out!

Instructions for the day will be emailed to you upon confirmation of purchase.

*IMPORTANT* Canyon has received approval for this event from Alberta Health Services and will be STRICTLY following all government restrictions.

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